Healing from Depression

Are you struggling with depression?

Many people wrestle with feeling sad and depressed, especially living in the lonely busyness of Silicon Valley. Depression often looks and feels like exhaustion, sleep challenges, memory or concentration issues, even headaches or problems with weight. Depression can lead to feeling sad, hopeless, and lost. Learning to manage your negative emotions and overcome your depression is unfortunately a hit or miss experience for most people, with little to no consistent success.

You want to wake up each morning with Peace and Purpose.

You want to understand yourself and your relationships better. You want to be able to connect within, and to be known by others. You want meaningful relationships and work to overcome the challenge of living in this stress filled world. What you need is a compassionate expert to support your healing process with the latest evidence based tools from science and medicine, to help you correctly understand the source of your depressed symptoms and treat them in the most effective way. You need a fearless guide on your healing journey who will support you to make step by step progress towards greater emotional freedom in your life.

I will help you gain insight, take action, and experience transformation in your life to have more Presence, Peace, and Joy.

My Approach

My approach to treating depression begins with creating a nurturing safe place for you to learn about the Science of Emotions, and why your body and brain negatively reacts to stressors. You will learn a variety of techniques for calming and clearing yourself of unpleasant symptoms. You will begin to feel more empowered and in control of your emotions, which allows you to make better choices for yourself, your work, and your relationships.

I will help you gain insight into your intention, motivation, and goals, as well as the obstacles that keep you from achieving what you want. You will experience a judgement-free environment to explore all your thoughts and questions without shame or guilt. When you find yourself stuck, you will receive compassionate encouragement to face your fears, as well as science-based techniques to resolve and overcome emotional blocks. I help you create a sequential plan so you aren't overwhelmed and can take it one step at a time, building confidence and increasing initiative. Using a holistic approach allows you to learn the skills and tools to understand and manage your whole self, which you leverage to successfully heal yourself.

I am a Doctor of Psychology, Board Certified Coach, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor, and have 15 years of experience working with people in the Bay Area on these issues. I have worked with employees and executives from Apple, Google, Facebook, and more, as well as with many local college, university, and high school students wrestling with the unbelievable pressure of growing up. I can help you, too!

*A portion of the appointment fees may be reimbursable based on your insurance benefits and a qualifying medical diagnosis.*

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How soon will I see improvements?

You begin to see improvements in your life within just a few sessions, and the process is easy to fit into your busy life with online scheduling and video meetings. 

Most of my clients experience significant improvement with relatively few sessions; therapy isn’t “forever”! Numerous clients who have "tried therapy before" have been surprised at the efficacy of this integrated approach. 

My clients tell me the process of working together far exceeds their expectations and they delight in experiencing greater satisfaction and joy in their life. You can too!