How do I choose between therapy and coaching?

Therapy offers a safe place to heal from hurts and struggles during a difficult time. You may experience depression, anxiety, or feel overwhelmed and confused during a crisis or situation you do not understand. Therapy allows you to explore and address the issues you face at a pace that promotes deep healing and resolution.

Coaching provides a stimulating environment to spur growth. Coaching helps you identify and remove the obstacles to your success. Coaching allows you to create actionable plans with detailed steps for achieving your goals. The coaching process helps you maintain accountability and make dynamic adjustments to sustain growth.

Video Services are available to all clients interested in coaching who live outside the area. Video therapy may only be provided to clients who live in California.    

Yoga Integration allows you to use supplemental treatment approaches to access the science of your body and use it to change your mind and emotions. Click for here more information.

Often clients make the transition from healing therapeutic work to energetic goal-oriented coaching after a stable foundation for impactful growth has been laid.

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What to Expect

Initial Phone Consultation
We will have a 20-minute phone conversation to assess if I can best meet your needs at this time. If I think there may be someone better suited to help you, I will refer you to another qualified and respected professional.

Before the First Appointment
Once an appointment has been scheduled, I will email a confirmation along with necessary forms for you to complete at home and bring to the appointment. The paperwork covers basic information I need from you including contact and background information, reasons for seeking therapy or coaching, and your informed consent allowing us to work together.

The First Appointment
We will spend 75 to 100 minutes together to review your paperwork, discuss your therapy or coaching needs, and most importantly allow time for me to get to know you so the work can begin. We will also review practical concerns such as payment, confidentiality, cancellations, and phone calls between appointments.

Subsequent Appointments
If we decide to work together, it will be important for you to commit to at least 4 appointments to set the foundation of our work. We will choose a consistent time each week to ensure the best basis for safety and trust. Appointments are typically 50 -60 minutes once a week. Based on your specific needs, appointments may be scheduled every 2 weeks or even once a month.


+1 (408) 457 1892

Cupertino/Sunnyvale Office
21060 Homestead Road
Suite 160
Cupertino, CA 95014


Areas of Expertise

  • Asian American Identity and Intergenerational Family Dynamics
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Assertiveness and Negotiation
  • Career Planning and Growth
  • Communication
  • Depression
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Family Dynamics and Marriage
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Gender Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Identity Issues
  • Infertility and IVF
  • Intimacy and Trust
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Multicultural Challenges
  • Self Esteem Challenges
  • Sexual Concerns
  • Stress Management and Life Balance
  • Spirituality




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