Living with atypical neurology is personally and professionally complicated and challenging. Understand the neuroscience of your unique brain to support you in experiencing more stability and connection though establishment of successful routines and life rhythms, as well as other holistic lifestyle changes. 

Assertiveness & Negotiation

Knowing how to speak up and discerning when to do so are essential skills in navigating life’s relationships and expectations. You experience confidence when you know your needs and have the ability to express them to others. You create relational safety through healthy boundaries, which allows you to set expectations and promotes appropriate flexibility and collaboration.

Career Planning & Growth

Whether or not you’re in your dream job right now, the reality is the long term landscape of careers has changed. It’s highly likely you will change jobs more often than in previous generations, and be motivated by a desire to engage in meaningful impact driven work. Understanding your personality, skills, interests, and next steps will help you pursue learning and work experiences that enable satisfying engaging productivity.


If only communicating was just about using the right words at the right time. In fact, verbal communication only makes up 10% of an interaction. Learning to understand and use non-verbal communication skills increases your ability to communicate effectively with others, positively impacting your relationships at home and at work.

Emotions & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

An accurate and science-based understanding of emotions and feelings is absolutely essential for healthy identity, relationships, and careers. Our emotions and feelings are often misunderstood and thus mishandled. Learn the science of emotions to empower you to more effectively manage yourself, and your personal and professional relationships. 

Family & Marriage

Every family comes with its own unique set of unspoken rules and expectations based upon each partner’s childhood family experiences. The experience of parenting and marriage can be far more satisfying when partners proactively create the marriage and family culture they want by working through their hidden assumptions and issues, and applying positive parenting approaches. 

Finances & Budgeting

Money is an issue ripe with underlying psychological impact. Your beliefs and assumptions about money, value, and worth can impact how you spend, save, and share. When you have a healthy relationship with money, it no longer controls you and instead becomes a tool to help you accomplish your goals.

Identity Issues

Who have I been? Who am I now? Who do I want do be? Who do others assume I am? Who do I project myself to be? Who am I afraid of becoming? These are all aspects of exploring your identity and determining the most authentic, integrated, and powerful way to live your life.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Learning to train the mind and its fluctuating thoughts is as useful and powerful as training your body for healthy living and physical challenges. Meditation and mindful living can improve your life in a myriad of ways such as increased focus, increased equanimity, decision making clarity, deeper enjoyment and satisfaction of ordinary living or challenging circumstances.


When you procrastinate indefinitely or can’t meet your goals, you often will question your motivation, intention, and even your self-esteem. Peel away the layers of self-deception and fear to reveal your authentic desires and hopes to free you to begin with fresh energy and excitement. Genuine insight enables you to take appropriate action.

Multicultural Challenges

Increase your ability to live effectively in a multicultural society by exploring and understanding yourself and the Other. Conscientious investigation of both the positive easy aspects of differences, as well as the challenging gut-wrenching parts that disappoint and hurt is crucial to working through division and creating collaboration and community. 


When relationships are unfulfilling, unsettling, and disappointing, you feel the negative impact on many other aspects of your life.  Everyone longs for genuine connection and belonging, and we seek to find these experiences through interactions with others. Understanding the science of relationships helps you improve the quality of your connections at home, work, and in the world.

Self Esteem Challenges

It’s impossible to believe in or love yourself when you fail to meet your expectations of who you “should" be. To set yourself free and embrace your most authentic beloved self you will need to examine your beliefs, understand the origin of these ideas, and challenge your perspective, attitude, and choices with a loving compassionate mindset.


Almost everyone arrives at a moment in their life when they ask “Is this all there is to my life?” You wonder about your place and purpose in this world in your relationships and career choices. You want to understand how to live a meaningful life that has a broader perspective than just you and your concerns. Examining your underlying value systems and clarifying what drives you to connect, achieve, and share will increase your life satisfaction and efficacy.

Stress Management

Using the science of the body and brain, you can learn to understand and manage your stress in a healthy productive way. Stress is not a given, nor is it healthy when experienced all the time. By learning to identify and understand your stress triggers, you can adopt lifestyle changes to decrease your stress, increase your resilience, and expand your capacity to solve problems and cope with disappointments. 

Time Management

Are you frequently wondering where all your time disappears to? Our society currently prides itself on being “busy” no matter the unhealthy consequences you experience and see everywhere you look. You feel this internal pressure to run from task to task, meeting to meeting, without any opportunity to breathe. Learn how to prioritize your commitments, manage your schedule, collaborate and delegate to others, and ultimately say No to busyness to increase your quality of life and relationships.

Transitions (Personal & Professional)

Times of change are inherently unstable, unleashing doubts and stress. Examining all your thoughts and feelings a transition stirs ups provides a profound opportunity to experience deep transformation. By engaging consciously and purposefully with any transition you are making or will make, you can navigate the changes with more clarity, increased positive outcomes, and less regret. Common areas of transition are becoming a parent, entering into a new relationship or marriage, starting a new job or career.

Sustainable Living with Purpose & Joy

You know that burning the candle at both ends results in your own destruction, but you aren’t clear about how to stop the cycle of stress, work, family, and more stress. By learning and applying a science-based method of sustainable living, you will experience greater freedom, deeper purpose, and feel joy about your day to day life. 

Work-Life Balance

When work responsibilities and aspirations collide with life tasks and desires, it’s often life goals and needs that get sacrificed. Even though you know that more work isn’t the solution, you feel powerless to resist the unrelenting urgency that modern day technology driven life brings. Learning how to listen to yourself first, addressing the priorities that truly matter over a lifetime will help you prioritize, say no to more unfulfilling commitments, and create space for deeply satisfying authentic living.


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