How Does It Work?

The human brain and nervous system are negatively affected by stress, mental health disorders, and trauma. This is particularly noticeable in dysfunctional breathing and muscle use; frequently experienced as tightness, aches, and pains, and even health problems. These uncomfortable and painful sensations reinforce an individual's mental and emotional distress. 

Traditional talk therapy focuses primarily on thoughts and feelings, which is a “top-down” approach to healing a person via the brain and mind. Somatic therapies focus on sensations in the body and leverage the body's neurology to create healing, which is a “bottom-up” approach. The combination of both therapeutic methods is especially powerful and effective as you can recalibrate your brain-body functioning.

What will I Experience?  

I teach you the Science of Emotions, giving you a framework to understand your overwhelming experiences. You will learn mindfulness practices to increase internal awareness of disrupted muscle and nervous system functions. You will experience and learn simple and effective breathing exercises known to reset dysfunctional nervous system signaling to the brain and body. Depending on each person, I teach clients different physical practices that support various types of breathing and create nervous system stimulation or calming. These practices support your neurological reset of body and brain, and over time rewire your brain for a healthier you!

My professional expertise as a psychologist and advanced yoga teacher allows me to safely and appropriately integrate yoga and somatic practices into your session. The appointment can move between different modalities of healing as you need and are ready for. I make referrals to chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists when necessary, and can work with your current medical providers.

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Yoga Studio Space

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Education & Training 

  • October 2017, Joy of Yoga 500-hour Yoga Teacher (

  • Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 500-hour Yoga Teacher

  • February 2015, Yoga Medicine 200-hour Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 200-hour Yoga Teacher (

  • Judith Hanson Lasater Ph.D., PT, Relax and Renew Restorative 30-hour Yoga Training

  • Bo Forbes Psy.D., Yoga for Emotional Balance Workshop