Board Certified Coaching

Are you struggling to make progress in your life?

Everyday people living in the high cost hustle bustle of Silicon Valley experience Major Stress and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Are you waking up to the daily grind, putting your dreams, goals, and relationships on the back burner; hoping that one day soon you’ll get to live the life worthy of your blood, sweat, and tears? Have you reached midlife, and are looking at your mountain of responsibilities, thinking “This isn’t how it was supposed to be. What am I doing wrong?” Or perhaps you’ve come to end of your career and are wondering how to pivot to the next stage of life.

You want to wake up each morning with energy and purpose.

How do you pursue your dreams and begin living a life you love Right Now? How do you tap into more knowledge, intuition, energy, and purpose to fuel your days and give you peaceful rest each night? Are you ready to experience healthier and happier relationships, satisfying work, and the joy of knowing you are living your best life?

Imagine you had the latest tools from science and medicine to live with authentic vitality. What you need is an expert to get you up to speed, help you create an action plan for step by step manageable change, and compassionately inspire you to rise up to experience your best self. 

I will help you gain insight, take action, and experience transformation in your life to have more Presence, Peace, and Joy.

My Approach

My approach to coaching helps you gain insight into your intention, motivation, and goals, as well as the obstacles that keep you from achieving what you want. You will experience a safe judgment-free environment to explore all your thoughts and questions. I offer a variety of evidence-based tools to explore and assess your emotional intelligence, values, strengths, relationships, as well as career and life aspirations. I help you create a sequential plan so you aren't overwhelmed and can take it one step at a time, learning new skills, building confidence, and increasing initiative.

Using a holistic approach, combining traditional coaching with somatic (body based non-verbal) coaching, you more quickly experience greater confidence and willingness to take appropriate risks to move your life forward. An integrated coaching program positively impacts your quality of life, especially your personal and professional relationships.

When you find yourself stuck, you will receive compassionate encouragement to face your fears, as well as science-based techniques to resolve and overcome emotional blocks. My clients delight in experiencing greater satisfaction and joy in their life. You can too!  

I am a Doctor of Psychology, Board Certified Coach, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor, and have 15 years of experience working with people in the Bay Area on these issues. I have worked with executives from Apple, Google, Facebook, and more, as well as with many local high school students wrestling with the pressure of growing up.

I can help you, too!

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How soon will I see progress?

You begin to see progress in your life within just a few sessions, and the process is easy to fit into your busy life. 

Coaching is provided in-person or online at the pace you need based on your goals. Often we meet more in the beginning and then dial back once you're working through your plan. Online coaching provides a high level of flexibility and convenience so you don't have to leave the office or home and spend time driving. Additionally, video coaching can be provided anywhere in the world as long as our schedules sync up!

Most of my clients experience significant progress with relatively few sessions. Numerous clients who have "tried therapy or coaching before" have been surprised at the efficacy of my integrated approach. 

My clients tell me the process of working together far exceeds their expectations and they delight in experiencing greater satisfaction and joy in their life. You can too!